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29 июля 2013 - Администратор
Ma LIN vs Dimitrij OVCHAROV FINAL 2of3 Games Russian Premier League Playoff
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I always root for non-asian players just because asian rule the game so much, but I cannot deny how fast Ma Lin shushed all of Dimitry's cho's by taking the first set away from him. In Ma Lin's head was like "I had it with this guy and all his noise; let's just take the candy away from him".
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from 5:10 to 15:14 incredible
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There so much booster in there rubbers!
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Best camera placement I've seen. Well done!
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the penhold system is alive and well ! The system owns so many golds and silvers in the last decade alone. Whether it be Olympics, World Cup, World Championships (singles and team and doubles) Ma Lin, Wang Hao, and Ryu Seung Min, Li Ching and Ko Lai Chak have the lion's share of the medals!
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MaLin!! have a sensitive hand~
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It was a let serve. You might not be able to see the net moving, but you don't have to: you can see the ball increasing its height after passing the net, then slightly arching down. No spin on earth does that.I admit that it is fairer play to lift your hand before you hit the ball, but may the first person who never hit a let serve by reflex throw the first stone at Ovtcharov.Then duck, because he'll smash it back at you. : )
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Dimitrij ovtcharov is german and WR 6 ;-)
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Good video quality, thank you!
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Once again, I appreciate Ma Lin's serve.It is really a good serve.And I can understand why Ma Lin looked so frustrated when the umpire approved that his serve at 07:01 touched the net.In a competition, it was a defeat to the player. Ma Lin was innocent.Anyway, congratulation to victory of Ma Lin. =]OVCHAROV is also a good player, with aggressive attack in two sides.